WP Ad Guru has a cool feature to utilize  a single place perfectly by showing multiple ads as carousel, And it can rotate multiple ads in each slide. to To show  multiple ads in same place do following
  1. Go to set banner to zone page
  2. Select a zone where you want to show your ads
  3. Select appropriate page type which page you want to set ads for. As a beginner you may use default.
  4. By default you will see one Slide 1 in the editor. Add banner ads in this area by clicking on “Add new banner
  5. Now you have to add new slide. Click on Add new slide button.  Add banner for this slide.
  6. Click save
  ad zone links editor guide

Detail of the image above

1. Country List: You can set ads for individual country where your visitors come from. Country name Default means all country.  

2. Slide:

You are able to show multiple ads in same place like a carousel/slider. If you have only one slide then the ad will shown normally. If you have one more slide then the ads will be shown in a carousel. Ads will be changed in each 5 seconds.

3. New Slide Button: 

After clicking on this button a new slide will be added.

4. An Ad:

This is an ad item you added for this slide. A slide may contains one more ads. But on the front-end only one ad is shown for a slide. If you have one more ads (eg. 4 ads) then ads will be rotated based on their percentage you set.

5. New Ad Button:

By clicking on this button a popup box is shown with a list of all ads you created. This list shows all ads those are match in size with the ad zone you selected. Select an ad and click Insert button.

6. Rotator Percentage:

Number of percentage, how many times this ad will be shown in 100 call. A slide can contain one more ads. Total of percentage value of all ads in same slide must be 100. If you have only one ad then keep it 100%. 7. Equal Button: To auto fill rotator percentage value click on this button.

8. Remove ad button: 

To remove an ad item click on this button.