Step 1: Setup a zone

A zone is a place where you want to show your banners. A zone is the container of banners. A zone can contain multiple banners. If you did not add any zone yet, add a new zone first. When you create new zone, must check the checkbox for Active.

Step 2: Create a banner

A banner is the block of ad codes. Go to add new banner page and create a new banner.

Step 3: Set a banner to a zone

To show your banner you have to specify the banner for a specific zone.
  • Go to set banner to zone page.
  • There is a list of zone names. Select a zone where you want to show your banner.
  • You will see some tab like default, home, singular……etc. A zone may be shown in many pages in your website. You can specify different ads set for different type of pages. Chose a type of page. As beginner click on default tab.
  • Click on “Add new banner” link
  • A popup will come with a list of banners you created. Select a banner and click insert
  • Your selected banner name will be shown with a text input field and a delete button. Put 100 in the % field.
  • Click on Save Change button

Step 4: Show zone in website

You have done zone and banner setting. Now you have to set the zone to a place of your website. There are three method to set a zone in a place of website.
  • Method-1 Using Widget : Go to widget settings page. Add “adGuru Zone” widget in your sidebar and choose a zone from the zone list.
  • Method-2 Using PHP function : Add following php code anywhere in your site front-end pages. Replace the word ‘zone_id’ with the id of the zone you want to show <?php if(function_exists('adguru_zone')){adguru_zone(zone_id);} ?> Example: <?php if(function_exists('adguru_zone')){adguru_zone(1);} ?>
  • Method-3 Using Shortcode : Use following shortcode in your post content [adguru zoneid="zone_id"] Example: [adguru zoneid="1"]
Step 5: You are done